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Unerreichte Leistungsfähigkeit, Zuverlässigkeit und ein garantiert tadelloses Ergebnis in der Tasse, das sind die Trümpfe der vollautomatischen Kaffeemaschinen TANGO

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Unsere Maschine


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Unsere Maschine


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Origin France


Super automatic espresso machine Tango, milk solutions and useful equipment

The super automatic coffee machine Tango® STP Solo is the ideal equipment for the businesses as bars, coffee shops chains, and the hospitality industry for self-service breakfast, as well as company cafeteria. With its unrivaled coffee extraction quality, the Tango® STP with the new milk delivery system, offers the perfect equipment to ease and succeed in the preparation of all milk based specialty coffee drinks, with heated or cold milk or foamed milk with a smooth texture.

The additional milk refrigerator Tango® STP Fridge, included in the Tango® STP Solo configuration, has a full compressor system which consistently maintains cold milk temperatures, with a 4L removable container. Cleaning and maintaining the milk circuit is automatically done thanks to its efficient rinsing and cleaning program.

Distributing, heating and foaming fresh milk to create delicious hot or cold drinks with milk or foamed milk: that’s the challenge met by the super automatic Tango® STP Solo with efficiency and performance.


Delivery capacity :

  • Espresso 40ml : 270 cups/h
  • Lungo 100ml : 180 cups/h
  • Hot water : 36 L/h
  • Cappuccino 100ml : 200 cups/h
  • Latte 100ml : 138 cups/h
  • Latte macchiato 300ml : 70 cups/h
Tango STP Solo
Tango STP Solo
Tango STP Solo

Technologie und Leistung

  • LCD Touchscreen LCD Touchscreen
  • TANGO® automatic group TANGO® automatic group
  • Built-in cup warmer Built-in cup warmer
  • Automatic cleaning program Automatic cleaning program
  • Temperature PID control Temperature PID control
  • Cold milk / foam Cold milk / foam
  • Foam pump technology Foam pump technology

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230V Mono/400V Tri+N

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